How To Date Money & Reach Financial Freedom

Introducing Lisa, the brains behind I-Date Money and a wealth activator, who is transforming the financial landscape with her unique approach to money management (and today’s podcast guest).

With a proven track record that dates back to 1987 in the finance and insurance industry, Lisa has created a system that not only helped her retire early but has also enabled her to support others in doing the same. Her ability to retire two and a half years ahead of her planned retirement date is a testament to her strategies, especially within her pillar program, Money Multiplier.

But what really sets Lisa apart is her mission: a dedication to helping one MILLION women reach millionaire status, while also guiding them towards financial freedom.


The challenges of debt management and wealth creation are no secret to business owners. For entrepreneurs, Lisa has created a specialized system tailored for handling business income with a disciplined approach to finance, emphasizing the importance of splitting the business income and ensuring that a percentage gets deposited into personal savings (that old saying of “Pay yourself first”). This method promotes wealth accumulation while also tackling debt, operating expenses, and family needs.

Lisa’s expertise isn’t limited to entrepreneurs; she also works with individuals that have multiple income streams or single income streams, such as those with nine-to-five jobs, those in the gig economy, or those with earnings from commissions, like real estate brokers.

In all those she supports, she’s found one common issue: a lack of organization when multiple income streams funnel into the bank account.

With money coming in from platforms like Venmo, PayPal, and Stripe, and immediately going out to pay bills, many find themselves in a cycle that looks all too similar to living paycheck to paycheck, without a real understanding of their expenses or overhead.

What it really boils down to is a need to personify your relationship with money and take a deeper look at how you’re interacting with your finances: is it a casual dating scenario, a committed marriage, or is money being neglected entirely? Lisa believes that money thrives on attention and care, suggesting that it naturally gravitates towards environments where it is valued and has the potential to grow.

Money goes where money is appreciated and valued.

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