Why Should You Enroll in an HSA or FSA?

Even more options for tax deductible money? That’s definitely something I want to get my hands on, and I’m assuming you would like to as well. 

Each and every one of us needs to have a plan – a financial plan, tax plan, retirement plan, college plan, exit plan, weight loss plan – everything in your life is dependent on a plan. Making sure you are proactive and getting a strategy in place for as many areas of your life as you can is your key to success.

Today, we’re here to educate you on one of those plans you can get in place and that’s the ability to contribute to an HSA, FSA, or HMA.

What You Need To Know

In this episode we are going to make sure you:

  1. Know what an HSA and FSA are

  2. WHY you should be utilizing one of these accounts

  3. A couple things you must know about these accounts – like use it or lose it!

The biggest thing you need to remember with these accounts is that you actually have to fund them. Just opening them up and letting them sit isn’t helping your financial situation at all.

These can be seen as a secret weapon to the success of your future! There are a lot of variations to when you can use them, how you can use them, and where you can use them. 

Where to Listen:

Check this episode out on one of your favorite streaming platforms, including Spotify or Apple if you are interested in learning more about HSA or FSA spending in order to set yourself up for success.